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The Rise of All-NVMe Flash Storage: Revolutionizing Enterprise Data Storage and Delivery Systems

Over the past few years, the world of computing has witnessed a remarkable evolution in Enterprise Data Storage and Delivery systems. And one technology that has taken the industry by storm is All-NVMe Flash storage. Finally, this technology has reached a point where it is not only technologically viable but also financially feasible to upgrade outdated storage solutions to lightning-fast and highly efficient ones.

Leading this revolution is iXsystems, the creators of the renowned open-source Network Attached Storage platform TrueNAS. With the introduction of their latest innovation, the TrueNAS Enterprise F-Series, iXsystems has raised the bar for performance, reliability, and density in storage solutions.

The F-series offers a range of all-NVMe models designed to cater to the most demanding workloads. At the heart of this product line is the F100, the ultimate performance flagship capable of holding individual 30TB NVMe drives. With its impressive specifications including 6 x 100GbE, 24 NVMe SSDs in only 2U, 512GB RAM, and 48 cores, the F100 is a workhorse that guarantees optimal performance.

But what sets the TrueNAS Enterprise F-Series apart is its Dual Controllers for High-Availability ZFS, a feature that is essential for enterprise customers. This includes dual-ported NVMe Gen4 SSDs, over five 9’s availability with <20s failover time, and full ZFS capabilities such as Copy-on-Write, Snapshot, and RAID-Z.

Additionally, the TrueNAS Enterprise 23.10, code-named Cobia, comes pre-loaded on all F-Series devices. This latest release boasts features like upgraded OpenZFS 2.2, Linux Kernel 6.1, NVIDIA 535.54.03 driver updates, improved application and storage pool UI, and ZFS Block Cloning for SMB and NFS file copies. Not to mention, F-Series devices can scale up to 1,200 drives and a whopping 25PB+ in a single system.

One of the most impressive features of TrueNAS 23.10 is the dRAID Pool, a proprietary RAID system developed by iXsystems. This innovative technology distributes data as secure parity, utilizing all drives for sparing in a fully populated system. And the best part? It reduces disk rebuild and resilver times by a staggering 80% while causing minimal performance impact.

TrueNAS Enterprise F-series appliances and TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 are now available for enterprises and users to experience. TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 can be downloaded for free, while the pricing for TrueNAS F-Series devices varies based on the configuration. As iXsystems continues to push the boundaries of innovation in Enterprise Data Storage and Delivery, it's time for businesses to harness the power of All-NVMe Flash storage with the TrueNAS Enterprise F-Series. Contact iXsystems today to upgrade your storage solutions and stay ahead of the competition.

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