iXsystems Unveils New Linux-based TrueNAS SCALE and TrueNAS Mini R Appliances on

iXsystems Introduces TrueNAS SCALE “Bluefin” 22.12.1 and TrueNAS Mini R Storage Appliance for Fully Integrated, High-Performing Storage Solution.

Unlock the Power of TrueNAS SCALE, an Open, Hyper-Converged, Unified Scale-Out Storage Platform for All Your File, Block, and Object Storage Needs.

Experience Increased Cost Savings, Streamlined Administration, and Enhanced Performance with TrueNAS SCALE’s Platform Consolidation Technology.

Discover the Advanced Features of TrueNAS SCALE “Bluefin” 22.12.1, such as Cluster Management APIs and Kubernetes CSI Driver, Tested and Approved by Over 20,000 TrueNAS Users.

Introducing the TrueNAS Mini R: A Compact, Rack-Mountable Storage System with 12 Lockable and Hot-Swappable Drive Bays, Supporting Up to 200TB of Storage.

Upgrade Your Storage Solution with the TrueNAS Mini R, Alongside TrueNAS Enterprise Appliances, Including TrueNAS Enterprise M-Series and R-Series.

Experience Superior Support and Top-Notch Performance with TrueNAS SCALE 22.12.1, Available for Free Download at

Get Your Hands on the Latest Storage Technology with the TrueNAS Mini R, Starting at Just Under $2,000.

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