CORE Revised title: “Discover the Power of TrueNAS CORE: The Ultimate Open Storage Operating System for Maximum Efficiency and Reliability”

A Comprehensive Guide to Efficient and Secure Data Management

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, managing multiple systems can be a daunting and time-consuming task. However, with the right tools and strategies in place, it can also be an opportunity to streamline and optimize your data management processes. That’s where TrueCommand, RBAC, and Auditing come in – powerful tools designed to make multi-system management a breeze.

Single Sign-on:
Streamline Access Control with RBAC and TrueCommand

Say goodbye to juggling multiple login credentials for each system. With single sign-on through TrueCommand, RBAC, and Auditing, you can easily manage and control user access to various systems. This not only makes authorization seamless, but also enhances security by minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

Dataset Management:
Efficient Organization and Management of Data Across Systems

The days of struggling to keep track of datasets across different systems are over. TrueCommand allows for simple and centralized dataset management, no matter what systems you’re using. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to organized and efficient data management.

Alerting and Reporting:
Stay Informed and Easily Monitor System Performance

With TrueCommand’s alerting, reporting, and analytics features, you’ll always be in the know about your system’s performance. Set up alerts for critical events and receive reports on system statistics, all through a user-friendly web UI. Stay one step ahead and ensure smooth and efficient operation of your systems.

Web UI:
Intuitive and User-Friendly Management of Systems

Gone are the days of clunky and complicated interfaces. With TrueCommand’s web UI, managing your systems becomes a simple and efficient task. And with support for SNMP and Syslog, troubleshooting and monitoring become even easier.

REST API and WebSockets API:
Seamless Integration and Automation of System Management

TrueCommand takes integration to the next level with its REST API and WebSockets API. These powerful tools allow for easy automation and integration with other systems and applications, making system management even more efficient and streamlined.

Clients and Applications:
Multi-Platform Support and Flexible Application Integration

TrueCommand caters to a wide range of clients, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, UNIX, iOS, and Android. And thanks to its support for popular protocols such as SMB, NFS, and iSCSI, it allows for easy integration with a variety of applications. It even offers integrated applications through ZFS and Jails/VMs, providing unmatched versatility and flexibility.

Application Services:
Effortless Deployment and Management of Applications

With TrueCommand’s support for Jails, Plugins, and VMs, deploying and managing applications becomes a breeze. With options such as Plex, Asigra, Iconik, NextCloud, and other Plugins, TrueCommand makes it easy to meet your specific needs. And with the ability to run Linux (VM) and FreeBSD (Jails or VMs), TrueCommand allows for a truly diverse range of services.

Directory Services:
Advanced Management of User Authentication and Authorization

TrueCommand simplifies user management with its support for Active Directory and 2-Factor authentication. It also allows for easy management of local users and groups, as well as integration with NIS, LDAP, and Kerberos. Say goodbye to complex user management and hello to a streamlined and secure process.

Storage Services:
Robust and Flexible Management of Data Storage

TrueCommand offers a variety of storage options to cater to your specific needs. From file-based storage, such as NFS and SMB, to block-based storage like iSCSI and OpenStack Cinder, and even object-based storage through S3 Host, TrueCommand has got you covered. And with support for cloud sync and credential management, it offers a holistic solution for all your storage needs.

Data Management:
Efficient and Flexible Management of Data

TrueCommand takes data management to the next level with its unlimited snapshots, pool checkpoints, and space-efficient clones. It also offers robust replication options, including remote, local, and auto-resume, to Linux ZFS. Say goodbye to data loss and hello to a comprehensive and efficient data management system.

Data Protection:
Safeguard Your Data with Built-In Security Features

TrueCommand prioritizes data security with features such as accelerated copy-on-write, multi-copy metadata, and built-in RAID options. It also offers self-healing checksums and background scrubbing for added protection against data loss. With TrueCommand, you can rest assured that your data is secure and protected.

Data Reduction:
Efficient and Cost-Effective Data Management

TrueCommand offers a range of data reduction features, including thin/thick provisioning, in-line adaptive compression, clones, deduplication, and trim. These features not only save space and reduce storage costs, but also ensure efficient and optimized data management.

Data Acceleration:
Maximize Performance with All Flash and Flash-Based Metadata

Need a performance boost for your system’s flash-based storage? TrueCommand offers all flash, fusion pools, and metadata on flash options to accelerate data access and management. With its read cache (ARC/L2ARC) and write cache (SLOG/ZIL) features, TrueCommand ensures maximum performance for your systems.

Flexible and Dependable Networking Solutions

TrueCommand offers a robust networking setup, with support for IPv4 and v6, DHCP, LAGG, and VLANs. It also allows for the configuration of jumbo frames and TCP options, giving you full control over your network setup.

Data Security:
State-of-the-Art Security Features for Your Data

Keep your data secure with TrueCommand’s advanced security features, such as self-encrypted drives (TCG Opal), dataset encryption, and encrypted replication. It also offers support for WireGuard and OpenVPN for secure remote access and ACLs and IP filtering for granular control over data access.

Built on a Solid Foundation of Reliable and Efficient Technology

TrueCommand is built on the reliable and efficient FreeBSD operating system, with support for boot management and SSH. It also offers local Jails and Bhyve VMs for secure and isolated execution of applications. And with system logging and NTP support, TrueCommand ensures a stable and accurate system environment.

High Availability:
Ensure Continuity with Fast ZFS Replication and Application-Level Mirroring

With TrueCommand’s fast ZFS replication and application-level mirroring, you can ensure high availability and continuous operation of your systems. These features not only provide disaster recovery options, but also offer seamless failover in case of system downtime.

Hardware Management:
Efficient and Remote Management of Hardware

TrueCommand makes managing hardware a breeze with its support for IPMI remote management, SAS JBODs, and global spares. It also offers features such as SMART and SSD wear monitoring for proactive maintenance and system health monitoring.

Hardware Platforms:
Support for a Wide Range of Hardware Platforms

TrueCommand is compatible with any x86 system (CORE only) and boasts improved support for AMD. Whether you’re using Mini E/X/XL+/R or iXsystems servers, TrueCommand delivers a comprehensive and efficient system management solution.

Always There for You – Superior Support for All Your Needs

At TrueCommand, we value our community and provide extensive support through forums, documentation, release notes, and bug ticketing. Whether you need assistance or have a question, our team is always ready to help you achieve the best results with TrueCommand.

Say goodbye to tedious and inefficient multi-system management and hello to TrueCommand – your one-stop solution for efficient and secure data management. Give it a try today and see the difference it can make for your systems.