Title: TrueNAS Remains Committed to BSD, but Embraces Linux – Ars Technica

“Introducing TrueNAS SCALE: The Ultimate Linux-powered Storage Solution”

Developed by industry experts at iXsystems, TrueNAS SCALE offers a game-changing storage solution for businesses of all sizes. This revolutionary product combines the best features of TrueNAS and FreeNAS, creating a powerful and versatile storage platform that is built on top of Debian Linux.

“Experience Unparalleled Scale and Performance with TrueNAS SCALE”

With SCALE as an acronym for its core principles, TrueNAS SCALE is designed to deliver unrivaled scalability and speed with its advanced ZFS capabilities. This new version offers a scale-out system that can support larger capacities and bandwidths to meet the growing needs of modern businesses.

“Transform Your Infrastructure with TrueNAS SCALE’s Converged Features”

TrueNAS SCALE takes it a step further with its converged capabilities, allowing for integrated compute and storage to create an open source hyperconverged infrastructure. With support for Docker and Kubernetes, and a focus on ease of use, this product makes deploying and managing storage a breeze.

“Get the Best of Both Worlds with TrueNAS SCALE and its Active-Active Design”

With its active-active design, TrueNAS SCALE ensures that your cluster will have zero downtime. This ensures high availability for your data, which is essential for business operations. And with the ability to run Linux apps natively, TrueNAS SCALE offers unparalleled flexibility and versatility.

“Choose the Perfect Edition of TrueNAS for Your Unique Needs”

Whether you need a single node storage solution with TrueNAS CORE, or a scale-out system with TrueNAS SCALE, or a multi-node clustered system with TrueNAS Enterprise, iXsystems has you covered. And with its TrueCommand management tool, you can easily manage and monitor all editions for seamless integration.

“Experience the True Potential of SCALE with TrueNAS by iXsystems”

With data mobility across all editions and support for standard platforms, TrueNAS offers unlimited potential for your storage needs. And with its different support options, you can customize your level of support to fit your specific business requirements. Experience the true potential of SCALE with TrueNAS by iXsystems.