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Unlocking the True Potential of iXsystems’ Enhanced NAS Solutions

iXsystems, a leading provider of network access storage (NAS) devices, offers two FreeBSD-based operating systems to cater to different needs: the community-supported open-source FreeNAS, and the enterprise-grade TrueNAS with commercial support and advanced features. However, having to maintain two separate projects has proven to be a hindrance to their development process.

In a recent move to streamline their operations and improve efficiency, iXsystems has announced that from TrueNAS 12 onwards, both FreeNAS and TrueNAS will share the same build, QA processes, and documentation. This means faster development and more frequent releases, ultimately providing users with a better NAS experience.

TrueNAS 12, set to be released soon, will continue to have two versions – TrueNAS CORE (previously FreeNAS) and TrueNAS Enterprise. The former remains free and open-source while the latter offers additional features and requires a license key. With an improved update process and potential for more frequent releases, TrueNAS CORE upholds its reputation as a Community-supported, Open-source, Rapid development, Early available solution.

The exciting new developments in TrueNAS 12 also include enhanced support for AMD EPYC/Ryzen platforms, better NUMA support for improved CPU core handling, and the highly anticipated Open ZFS 2.0 with dataset encryption, performance enhancements, and interoperability with Linux ZFS pools.

Those eager to take TrueNAS 12 for a test drive can try the nightly images starting March 11th. Although the official release date has not been announced, updates can be found on the forums. While a features matrix comparing TrueNAS CORE and Enterprise is not available yet, users can look forward to it in the near future.

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