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iXsystems Unites FreeNAS and TrueNAS: The Best of Both Worlds

iXsystems, the industry leader in open source storage software, has announced exciting changes to its flagship products, the popular FreeNAS and enterprise TrueNAS. With the upcoming 12.0 update, these two powerful systems will become one, delivering unparalleled storage solutions to users worldwide.

Assuring FreeNAS users, the company has stated that it will remain free, while TrueNAS users can look forward to enhanced features and improved performance. The two versions have already achieved parity with version 11.3, and with version 12.0, they will be united under a single software image and name. This unified approach will bring numerous benefits, including:

– Rapid development: The combined efforts of the FreeNAS and TrueNAS teams will lead to faster software development and more frequent releases. With this new efficiency, the highly anticipated 12.0 update will be available in just six months, compared to previous releases that took up to 12 months.

– Improved quality: By reducing development redundancy and streamlining testing, the unified software will provide a higher quality product to users.

– Earlier hardware enablement: Staying in sync with upstream OS versions will make it easier to access new hardware drivers. This means the 12.0 update will feature improved support for AMD EPYC and Ryzen platforms, as well as enhanced NUMA support for better CPU core handling.

– Simplified documentation: With unified documentation, users will no longer encounter redundancies and confusion, making it easier to use and troubleshoot the software.

– Reduced redundancy: Web content and videos will now refer to one software family, eliminating the need for duplicate materials.

– Flexibility: With unified images, transitioning between editions or upgrading will become a seamless process.

– Resource efficiency: With developers freed up to focus on new features and related products, users can expect even more improvements and innovations.

– Open ZFS 2.0: As part of the effort to unify the software, iXsystems has invested heavily in the development and integration of OpenZFS 2.0. This update will bring exciting advances, such as dataset encryption, improved performance, and compatibility with Linux ZFS pools.

FreeNAS has been a top choice for users since 2012, earning the title of the number one open source storage software. However, the name may have caused concerns for some, as “free” is often associated with lesser quality products. To address this, iXsystems has renamed FreeNAS to TrueNAS CORE, maintaining all the features and benefits, while also incorporating a clever acronym – Community supported, Open source, Rapid development, Early availability. And just like FreeNAS, TrueNAS CORE will remain free to use.

For TrueNAS users, the change will be less drastic, with the product now being called TrueNAS Enterprise. All the features and functionality that have made TrueNAS Enterprise a popular choice will still be available, along with access to enclosure management, high availability, and support.

To give users a taste of the upcoming changes, iXsystems will offer a preview of TrueNAS 12.0, allowing them to try it out and provide feedback. The software will then go through the usual testing stages – ALPHA, BETA, RC1, RELEASE – and is expected to be officially released in the third quarter of this year.

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