“iXsystems Introduces Enhanced Global Storage and Latest Version of TrueNAS SCALE – Top-Ranked”

iXsystems Joins Forces with Storj to Deliver Revolutionary Globally Distributed Storage (GDS) Service for TrueNAS Scale Bluefin BETA
Supercharge Your Data Storage With GDS – The Cost-Effective and Superior Alternative to Amazon S3 and Other Cloud Services
Innovative Integration: TrueNAS Scale Bluefin BETA now includes GDS, a groundbreaking Web3 storage service powered by Storj.
Why Choose GDS? Offsite S3-Compatible Storage at Unbeatable Value for Organizations of all Sizes.
Reinventing Storage: GDS Adds Unmatched Resilience, Security, and Speed to TrueNAS Systems.
Take Your Data Storage to the Next Level with GDS and TrueNAS – Your Ultimate Solution for Replication, Enhanced Flexibility, and Unsurpassed Performance.
Shift to GDS and Experience Unparalleled Bandwidth and Availability – Unmatched by Traditional Cloud Services.
Unbeatable Savings: Get More Storage for Less! Upgrade to GDS and Save 80% Compared to Other Similar Services.
Unlock the Power of TrueNAS SCALE Bluefin with GDS – The Game-Changer for Scale-Out Storage and Open Hyper-Convergence.
Join Over 25,000 Users and Be Part of the TrueNAS Community – Contributing to the Evolution of SCALE Bluefin.
Welcome to the Future of Data Management – Introducing TrueNAS SCALE Bluefin BETA – Featuring GDS and a Host of Exciting Enhancements for Enterprises.
Experience Unmatched Performance and High Availability with TrueNAS Scale-Up – Over 1,000 Drives per Node.
Streamline Operations and Enhance Reliability with Active-Active Clustering and Kubernetes CSI on TrueNAS SCALE Bluefin.
Upgrade Your Security Game with FIPS 140-3 Encryption Compliance and Enhanced Role-Based Access Control on TrueNAS SCALE Bluefin BETA.
Seamless Migration and Licensing Support – The Best of Both Worlds with TrueNAS CORE and Enterprise on SCALE Bluefin.
Unleash the Potential of Your Data with TrueNAS SCALE – Get Your Hands on Bluefin BETA Software for Free Now!