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iXsystems powers TrueNAS with new features and high availability

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“Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data with TrueNAS SCALE: The Revolutionary Storage Solution”

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 22, 2022 ( – In a world where data is king, having a storage solution that can keep up with the ever-increasing demands is crucial. That’s where iXsystems® comes in with their revolutionary platform, TrueNAS SCALE. With its latest release, TrueNAS SCALE is taking scale-out storage and open hyperconvergence to a whole new level. And with new features such as High Availability and support for SMB clustering, it’s clear why TrueNAS SCALE is changing the game for businesses worldwide.

TrueNAS SCALE: The Ultimate Solution for Storage Needs
Built on Linux, TrueNAS SCALE offers an unmatched level of flexibility and performance with support for Docker Containers, Kubernetes, KVM, and Scale-out OpenZFS. With its open-source economics, TrueNAS SCALE provides businesses with a cost-effective solution without compromising on features or reliability.

High Availability for Uninterrupted Services
The latest release of TrueNAS SCALE, code-named “Angelfish,” brings High Availability capabilities for TrueNAS M-Series systems, ensuring uninterrupted services even if one storage controller fails or is taken down for maintenance. This means no more downtime or disruptions for businesses relying on virtual machines, containers, or scale-out storage.

SMB Clustering for Enhanced Connectivity
TrueNAS SCALE offers SMB, Gluster, and NFS File Sharing, iSCSI Block Storage, S3 Object API integration, and Cloud Sync for seamless interoperability with public cloud storage. And the new addition of SMB clustering empowers clients with access to the entire cluster via any SMB node, offering high-speed access to an incredible amount of storage capacity and bandwidth.

Easily Scalable for Future Needs
TrueNAS SCALE offers the flexibility to start with a single node and scale out to multiple nodes as business needs change. And with various clustering options available, businesses can customize their storage solution to fit their specific requirements.

TrueCommand 2.2: The Ultimate Tool for Cluster Management
To complement the latest release of TrueNAS SCALE, TrueCommand 2.2 is also now available for testing ahead of its mid-July release. TrueCommand is a powerful software tool for managing fleets of TrueNAS Open Source and Enterprise systems, both on-premises and in the cloud. With enhanced APIs and support for clustered SMB, TrueCommand 2.2 offers wizards for easy creation of SMB clusters, improved certificate handling, a reworked statistics engine, and improved middleware for better performance and error handling.

Experience True Data Freedom with TrueNAS
TrueNAS is available as downloadable Open Storage software or as turnkey TrueNAS appliances with enterprise-grade features and support. And despite global supply chain issues, iXsystems has the inventory to deliver complete TrueNAS appliances to customers within weeks. With its growing adoption among Linux admins and continuous advancements in capabilities, TrueNAS SCALE is rapidly gaining momentum among both Open Source users and Enterprise customers.

About iXsystems and TrueNAS
iXsystems is a pioneer in Open Source and the brains behind TrueNAS, the world’s most widely used storage software. With TrueNAS, users can harness the power of the legendary ZFS file system and benefit from unified and hyperconverged storage for private and cloud datacenters, meeting the performance and reliability demands of virtualization, backup, and other data-intensive workloads. Thousands of organizations worldwide have chosen TrueNAS Enterprise systems and support from iXsystems to scale up or scale out their infrastructure while leveraging the cost advantages of Open Source.

With TrueNAS SCALE and its new features, iXsystems continues to lead the way in the Open Storage Era, unlocking the full potential of data for organizations of all sizes.

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iXsystems Unleashes the Power of TrueNAS with New Features and High Availability for Ultimate Data Freedom