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Revolutionary New TrueNAS F-Series Storage: Unleashing Ultimate Performance and Flexibility

iXsystems, the renowned creators of the popular TrueNAS storage solution, have just announced the release of their most advanced series yet – the TrueNAS Enterprise F-Series. Designed to cater to the most demanding workloads, this flagship series boasts incredible performance, reliability, and density while also offering unbeatable cost efficiency. And with the newly updated TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 software, users now have the added option of open-source solutions to meet their high-performance requirements.

Experience Unmatched Speed and Scalability

With the all-NVMe TrueNAS Enterprise F-Series, users can expect lightning-fast speeds and unparalleled scalability. Equipped with 30TB NVMe drives, a single 2U system can provide up to 720TB of highly available storage – perfect for data-intensive applications such as AI/ML, containerisation, virtualisation, and more. The F-Series also offers two models – the F100 with 30GB/s bandwidth per node and the F60 with 20GB/s bandwidth per node, both delivering exceptional NVMe-powered storage with low latency and bandwidths surpassing 20GB/s.

Reliability and Resilience at its Best

The TrueNAS Enterprise F-Series is built with cutting-edge hardware design and advanced scalability for maximum resilience and drive density. It also features a dual-controller architecture for continuous accessibility and mitigating data downtime. With vast connectivity options and the ability to scale up to 720TB in just 2U, the F-Series is equipped to meet the challenges of modern business applications and ensure maximum data mobility.

Unmatched Flexibility and Features with TrueNAS Enterprise 23.10

The TrueNAS Enterprise F-Series is powered by the latest TrueNAS Enterprise 23.10, a Linux-based platform that offers exceptional storage, computing, and container solutions. With unique features like KVM virtualisation, native container support, and Kubernetes integration, users can enjoy a flexible and feature-rich storage environment. TrueNAS Enterprise 23.10 is based on the robust OpenZFS 2.2 filesystem, providing unrivaled data integrity and advanced storage features to cater to the most data-intensive business needs.

An Exciting Choice for the Future of Storage

Dave Raffo, Senior Analyst at The Futurum Group, has hailed the release, saying, “Support for demanding workloads is the top reason organisations are looking for NVMe storage, and part of choosing NVMe is to future-proof their environment.”

“With high-performance appliances at a fraction of the price of many NVMe systems, TrueNAS Enterprise is an increasingly interesting choice for organisations to consider.”

Experience the True Potential of Storage with TrueNAS F-Series and TrueNAS SCALE 23.10

The TrueNAS Enterprise F-Series and TrueNAS SCALE 23.10 are now available for users and enterprises alike. While the latter can be downloaded, the TrueNAS F-Series pricing will depend on the specific configuration of each system. Experience the ultimate in performance, reliability, and cost efficiency with the revolutionary TrueNAS F-Series – the future of enterprise storage is here.