“Enhanced TrueNAS Scale from iXsystems: Achieving High Availability and SMB Clustering on”

iXsystems Announces Availability of Second Release of TrueNAS SCALE for Scale-Out Storage and Open Hyper-Convergence: Angelfish

Unleashing even more power and convenience for storage and hyper-convergence, iXsystems has announced the second release of TrueNAS SCALE. This update, called Angelfish, boasts impressive features such as High Availability (HA), SMB clustering support, and easy creation of SMB clusters using new wizards. With TrueCommand’s enhanced functionalities, managing the system has never been more effortless. Plus, built on Linux, TrueNAS SCALE supports a range of technologies, including Docker Containers, Kubernetes, KVM, and Scale-out OpenZFS, all while keeping costs low with Open Source economics.

Over the last four months, Angelfish has been rigorously tested by over 20,000 users, ensuring its reliability and effectiveness. Angelfish introduces HA for TrueNAS M-Series systems, providing continuous service even in the event of controller failure or maintenance downtime. This update is tailored to support scalability for storage, virtual machine, and container workloads.

With TrueNAS SCALE, clients have access to an array of connectivity options, such as SMB Clusters, NFS File Sharing, iSCSI Block Storage, S3 Object API integration, and Cloud Sync for seamless integration with public cloud storage. Utilizing SMB clustering, clients have the flexibility to connect to any node in the cluster for access to an impressive amount of storage capacity and bandwidth. Additionally, TrueNAS SCALE can be installed and run on a single node, with the option to expand to a clustered environment as needed.

TrueCommand, a comprehensive management tool for both TrueNAS Open Source and Enterprise systems, can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud. With the integration of TrueNAS SCALE APIs and support for clustered SMB, TrueCommand 2.2 now offers user-friendly wizards to effortlessly create SMB clusters. TrueCommand 2.2 also comes with performance-enhancing upgrades, streamlined certificate handling, and improved error handling and testing frameworks. Currently available for testing, TrueCommand 2.2 is scheduled for release in mid-July.

TrueNAS is a completely free and readily available Open Storage software. For users looking for enterprise-level features and support, TrueNAS offers a range of system and software versions for a complete solution. In addition, iXsystems has worked diligently to ensure that supply chain issues do not hamper the availability of TrueNAS appliances, with ample inventory to meet customer needs.

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