Podcast #74: TrueNAS Boosts Performance for Creative Agencies –

Solving IT Stress: How TrueNAS Transformed Clockwork 9’s Creative Workflow

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Specialized technology and storage needs are a defining factor for Creative Pros, and when these professionals come together in an agency setting, the IT systems quickly become overwhelmed. This was the exact predicament facing Clockwork 9, as their overworked NAS was causing delays in completing projects. To combat this issue, Creative Director Andrew Spirk diligently researched for a solution and landed on the TrueNAS storage platform.

But the improvements didn’t end there. After implementing a TrueNAS M40 in an all-flash configuration and a TrueNAS Mini kicker as a replication target, Andrew and his team immediately noticed a significant improvement in their workflow. And while they opted for the flash option, iXsystems’ competitive pricing proved to be a budget-friendly solution. This ultimately resulted in quicker project turnaround times, more efficient teams, and higher profitability for the agency.

In this engaging podcast, we delve into the specific challenges faced by creative agencies, their workload profiles, and how their previous solution fell short. But thanks to the TrueNAS systems, Clockwork 9 was able to revamp their workflow and increase productivity.

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